Things have been so weird recently I’ve not been sure what to make of it. Decided just to take everything as it comes. I’m not gonna slack at uni and I’m going to try and get healthier. I still can’t believe that this year has turned out to be the best of my life and I don’t want to do anything to mess it up.

I also just had the loveliest weekend ever, thank you for that.

In the next few weeks I’ll be booking my other thigh tattoo, getting my hair coloured, and seeing some lovely people. Life’s not bad.

I have an exam tomorrow I would quite like to pass but it’s going to take a fucking miracle, anyone want to send one my way? Thanks.

To do:

  • Study like fuck for the next four weeks
  • Pass my exam to get into uni
  • Look for a new job closer to home
  • Move house next week.

I am exhausted just thinking about all this, gonna be fun though.

Officially moving into the flat directly under my one of my best friends, getting the keys on monday! Things are looking up.

Best weekend with the best people. Currently getting comfy in bed but I’m not tired at all. I should probably have a good think about what I want and what I should be doing but I’ll probably just read a book instead. Priorities.

Even if I do something ridiculous and I’m upset because of something that is completely my own fault, my friends are the most amazing, understanding people ever and I don’t deserve them.

The past few months have been an experience to say the least, I’ve never spent so much time not actually knowing how I feel. I feel like a completely different person now and I just want to write a wee personalised thank you to everyone who has stuck by me and put up with all my shit but it’s too cheesy and I can’t.

Going to spend the next few months making the most of things, trying to forget about everything negative that’s happened in the past six months, and making sure I’m prepared for going to uni in September. I’ll hopefully be moving pretty soon too which gives me something to look forward to (especially if I get the flat I’m viewing tomorrow).

I am also done with boys/men being shit and I am completely ready for someone really nice to come along and not mess me about, that would be nice. If you read all this then you’re a babe.

Lying in bed listening to Tigers Jaw and thinking too much. I had a really nice day and I just wish I could find a new job and move out before I go to uni and win back all the lovely people I left behind here. Just want to leave that shit town and everyone in it since they seem to love fucking me about - but I can’t because of my job. I would also really like some company occasionally cause this whole being alone thing is starting to suck. Since I’m complaining about everything I might as well throw in my sleeping pattern, it’s awful and making me feel ill from tiredness. I need to fix my life.

This has been a post (not a very good one at that) and if you read it all I am thoroughly impressed. If you’d like to apply to get a flat with me and probably a cat, you are welcome.

I have started to genuinely believe that life’s biggest mystery is the ‘are you flirting with me or just being nice?’ feeling.

Going to have a slice of toast with marmalade on it for my dinner at 11pm. I need to sort my life out.

In other news, I get to see Tam tomorrow and it’ll be really good cause we can complain about how old we are now. I go back to work and general reality on Monday so this weekend is going to consist of shopping, drinking, dancing, and helping my friend dye her hair ginger. Excited.

Booking a spontaneous trip to Aberdeen! Should be there on Wednesday/Thursday this week. Looking forward to getting out of Glasgow for a bit.

Going to study until I get tired enough to sleep. I am so tired all the time but I can never sleep.

I’m working every day this week then having a night in with the best girls ever on Friday after I get my tattoo. Working Saturday, then going out in Glasgow for my birthday. Then I’m off work for two weeks and I will probably never want to return.

I have decided that being single (although lonely) is probably the best thing for me right now. My friends and family are more than enough to keep me happy and I have something to look forward to almost every day as well as lots of long term things. Life is pretty good right now.

Last night was so fun. I went to see Rocky Horror in the theatre with Alice then we went out after it and ended up running into loads of people, going to ABC, and  ending up in casino. Such a good night, I’m starting to love being in Glasgow again.

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